Startup Blueprint: 7 Skills For Founders, Builders & Leaders


Robert has helped hundreds of startup founders develop and write novel articles for business publishers – but the articles often felt ephemeral and disparate.


Robert mined his work history to rediscover these leaders’ most instructive and inspiring tales from the trenches of entrepreneurship, re-interviewing several to gain further material for a new 144-page book collection.


The book succeeded in presenting these businesspeople’s ideas and innovations in a different format with added posterity, gave the participants extra visibility and has been read around the world.

About Startup Blueprint

Can you feel it? Something is stirring. It’s an awakening.

Around the world, people are becoming their own boss, chasing their dream, scratching an itch, building a team, creating wealth, forging the future, defining the new, leading the way. It’s called the startup explosion, and it’s getting hotter.

But how can anyone learn how to kickstart a great business when everything is moving so fast, and when founders are busy competing, rather than lending a hand?

If you are thinking of joining the ranks of the new startup creators, if you are already working away at building the next big business, of if you are simply fascinated by how the new breed of entrepreneur carefully nurtures a business in the 21st century, Startup Blueprint is for you.

In Startup Blueprint, you will find the inspiration you need to ignite your business. Through the stories of fellow founders who have been there, have endured torrid times and have built successful companies, you will learn seven key – and sometimes unconventional – skills that will help you start, manage and grow a business.

By meeting Startup Blueprint‘s entrepreneurs, you will learn how to:

  • be more persuasive
  • maximise your opportunities ten-fold
  • be a better leader
  • put a price on yourself
  • become an inspirational manager
  • bounce back from failure
  • iterate on the route to success