Newspaper Publishing Industry Outlook 2019-23

Despite the demand for quality journalism from trusted sources, the global newspaper and magazine industries continue to face gradual overall declines in revenue from both circulation and advertising.

  • This will likely force consumer magazine and newspaper publishers to consider new business models and diversification strategies in order to evolve.
  • Newspapers and magazines are experiencing an increase in digital consumption across all regions, and the newspaper industry’s overall rate of decline is slowing. Total average daily circulation of newspapers across all regions and formats is expected to remain flat through the forecast period.
  • As publishers compete with online channels offering a constant stream of free content, diversification strategies will include video, broadcast, voice, merchandise and events that augment print and digital titles.
  • Digital newspaper circulation is increasing, but year-on-year revenue growth will continue to slow. Expect to see diversification in digital payment models, including membership and donations.