The Power of Content: Why Corona pairs content with paid media

Content solidifies consumer bonds forged in advertising

Corona Studios … is all about improving the relationship between the brand and the consumer.

We have embarked on this journey of evolving from a company that is a traditional advertiser into a brand that is going beyond the advertisement and bringing entertainment to the centre of the way that we interact with our consumers.

Advertisement is still going to be a very important part of our journey on building a super big brand … to drive awareness, to increase the penetration of our product.

In these initial interactions with the consumers, advertisements will keep playing a very important role in building the foundation of this brand.

But then, what we realised is that we needed to advance so that we could create stronger bonding with the consumers.

Advertising is placed at the top of the (marketing) funnel, and then Corona Studios starts to strengthen the relationship between the brand and the consumers in creating a bigger affinity with the consumer.

Resonant content taps ground-up passions

The stories that you’re going to be telling, they need to be true for the brand and true to your consumers. Otherwise, people are not going to choose to consume your content. So this is the first learning.

The second learning is that, instead of trying to create everything ourselves and to define what’s good or bad, we decided to create partnerships. We have over 300 content creators with whom we interact and we work collaboratively during every week.

We have interactions every week with over 300 people whom we basically embrace and support their passions and their projects. They pitch to us projects that they believe.

So instead of us trying to define the agenda, they come to us with the agenda that they believe that are the right pieces of content that consumers are going to be engaged by.

Paid media is critical to amplifying content

That’s a very important part of our strategy. We don’t believe in the model of branded content in which media doesn’t exist.

In our model, media is still at the centre of the model. We don’t believe … you are going to get 100% organic reach. That doesn’t exist, unless you have like 20, 30 years in the production environment, and you create a lot of blockbusters. You need to invest hard in paid media.

It’s a hybrid model. We succeed big with big paid media support so that you can reach broad audiences.