Hooligan league – Cardiff fans fifth

A survey has branded Cardiff City the fifth most violent football club in England and Wales.

The club placed below Wolves, Leicester, Manchester City and Wigan after shows of hooliganism by fans, according to results published by the National Criminal Intelligence Service.

The body’s football intelligence division reported on incidents during the 1999/2000 season and referred to violence during games against Millwall, Luton, Wigan and Stoke.

Cardiff is placed jointly with Stoke in the ‘hooligans league.’ At the clubs’ Division Two clash in April, police made 48 arrests after finding circular saw blades and 100 Stanley knives.

“The reports show the opportunistic and violent problem that we still face,” said NCIS Head Bryan Drew.

“Hooliganism is not just a football problem but, with its inherent tribalism, passions and loyalties, has always been a beacon for such boorish behaviour.

“And football, with its high international profile, ensures that such activities are given widespread coverage and thereby severely damage our national reputation.”

‘Majority are well-behaved’

Six Cardiff fans were arrested for drunkeness and public order offences at their side’s first game of the new season at Exeter on Saturday, but police say the game otherwise passed peacefully.

“Only a small proportion is actively involved in public disorder and attempts to gain some confrontation with other fans,” said South Wales Police Football Spotter, PC Brian Rolley.

“The vast majority of Cardiff fans are well-behaved.”