Ofcom: Half Of UK Homes Have Broadband; ISP Revenue Up 18 Percent

UK broadband services’ revenue is up 18 percent on last year. That’s because half of all adults now live in a broadband-wired home, pushing high-speed ISP takings up to £1.8 billion ($3.5 billion), according to a report from media regulator Ofcom. Anecdotally, a sea change has occurred in UK internet culture in the last year or two, with more people web browsing and social networking thanks to falling broadband costs. In the figures, Ofcom says a majority (51 percent) have used that connectivity to download video (26 percent of them do it weekly), and 15 percent have uploaded some video at least once. The cost of a 2Mbit line has fallen by two thirds in the last three years. Bad news for the mobile internet, though – while a third of Britons own a web-enabled mobile phone, only half have ever used it to go online, citing lack of interest (43 percent) and high prices (31 percent).
The Communications Market: Digital Progress Report