Tiscali Launches On-Demand Internet Movie Rental/Purchase Outlet

Italian broadband provider Tiscali has partnered with movie distributor Arts Alliance Media to launch Movies Now, a UK internet-based VOD service that includes over 500 titles. Users can download or rent titles, which also include classic sport events and National Geographic programming, while the service relies on Windows DRM. Rentals expire after a seven-day window, with regular titles costing 99p ($1.98), “high-quality” versions at £2.99 ($5.98) and “super-high quality” for £3.49 ($6.98). Full-blown purchases will sell for between £4.99 ($9.98) and, for a super-high quality version Tiscali said was of DVD quality, £19.99 (a whopping $39.98).

Tiscali’s online media director Alex Hole said the company aims to continue working with the distributor to develop the catalog. Tiscali also offers telephone and IPTV over a set-top box at the end of its ADSL line; the TV service had already offered movies on demand and other VOD content (Digital-Lifestyles).