PartyGaming takes ads to offset US gaming ban

London-listed online casino operator PartyGaming is to run web advertisements to make up for the impact of recently-introduced US anti-gambling laws.

The company has signed with the Traffic Marketplace advertising network to place ads on and in the US.

The site’s revenues were hit last year when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act banned casino sites from taking money for plays.

The deal will see the sites run pop-ups, rich-media banners and integrated sponsorships.

“The demographics are just astounding,”
said Calvin Lui of Traffic Marketplace parent Connexus.

“And it’s a very captive experience. You actually download a software application that has the game on it. So it’s not a web surfing experience and you are actually engaged in a game.

“The dealer may be a character that you can create. Say you’re rolling out a new movie. Jack Sparrow could be the dealer and the table felt could be Pirates of the Caribbean – you could have a place to click for a previous of the movie.”

PartyGaming, like many British gaming companies, is listed on the London Stock Exchange but headquartered off-shore, in Gibraltar.