Txt msg T-shirt alerts marketers

A new T-shirt innovation that spreads messages via mobile SMS is piquing the interest of many marketers.

Reactee is a T-shirt on which companies and organisations can print a message including a unique text code.

When a passer-by sends a message to the code after seeing the message on a wearer’s chest, a text alert service responds with further information.

Shirts can be designed at the reactee.com website, which allows customers to pick colours, slogans and trigger keywords.

Tom Martin, a marketer with Louisiana-based Zehnder Communications, used the service to promote a New Orleans community campaign, TypeNO+.

“We were talking about ways to both promote the site and create a bit of consumer-generated content and I stumbled across this cool T-shirt idea,” Martin wrote. “Go buy the shirt and wear it around town.”

Shel Holtz of marketing firm Crayon used a Reactee to promote his social media podcast to conference delegates.

The service has been developed by TextMarks, which lets customers package content as mobile text alerts.