Bloomberg To Add 10 Percent More Reporters On Strong Terminal Sales

Putting into context some fears of editorial cuts at Pearson, if it buys Dow Jones, Bloomberg says it will hire 240 journalists this year to its 2,300-strong news business (180 already hired, 60 more to go). Head of news Matthew Winkler, interviewed in the FT: “News is an increasingly important part of the Bloomberg business model and an increasingly important driver of terminal sales.” Winkler said sales of its terminals, of which 250,000 are in use at a cost of $1,500 per month, are continuing apace and are especially strong in Asia. With so many screens, someone has to feed the beast. Following the merger of Reuters and Thomson, and a DJ buyout likely involving News Corp or Pearson and GE, Bloomberg seems to be investing further in this market’s core product – news.