BBC Targets Million Annual iPlayer Users, Allows Some YouTube Abuse

Some more details off the back of yesterday’s announcement BBC’s iPlayer will be available, ahead of latest schedule, in July:-

Targets: BBC is targeting 500,000 users after six months, a million after a year, FT reports.

Copyright: Director of future media and technology Ashley Highfield said the BBC will chase anyone who breaks manages to free iPlayer programming from DRM “in a big way”, conceding some degree of hacking of the Microsoft/Kontiki DRM is “inevitable”, but he admitted: “A lot of our content on YouTube we just let go because it is pretty good marketing for us but if people start posting whole series of our programs for free we will get them to take them down.” (Guardian).

Pictures: Images of the iPlayer in its current state can be seen at The Stage; the BBC published a demo video yesterday.

Beta: The launch will be an open beta (versus the closed trial that had been taking place amongst 15,000 people), allowing the BBC to test and up-scale the number of users in a controlled manner before a full launch in the fall.