FeedBurner drops charges for pro services

RSS feed management service FeedBurner is abolishing charges for two of its premium features, now that it is owned by Google.

TotalStats and MyBrand, which give users extended data and on-site feed URLs, were previously available under FeedBurner’s PRO package at a cost of between $3 and $14.

But FeedBurner marketer Traci Hailpern wrote both would now be made available to all users at no charge. Existing PRO users will not be billed for the services for June and beyond.

The PRO version of the statistics package gives customers access to more information on feed subscribers, including the number of users who have clicked on individual pages linked to from a feed.

The “reach” metric also gives readers a general estimate of the number of daily visitors to interacted with RSS content.

The MyBrand offering allows customers to effectively locate their RSS feed at their own domain name, so they would issue a URL like feeds.johnswidgets.com/widgetwatch/ rather than feeds.feedburner.com/widgets/, enhancing the managed reputation of a company name.

Both services must be activated by customers from their account dashboard before they are enabled.

Google bought FeedBurner for a reported $100 million in May.