New PM boosts Downing Street YouTube traffic

Downing Street’s YouTube channel has achieved a “milestone” one million video views since it was launched back in May.

Weekend visits by the new prime minister to a hospital and a children’s centre took the site, a brand partnership with the Google-owned video sharing network, passed the seven-figure mark.

Number 10 opened up on YouTube under Tony Blair two months ago and quickly saw its most-viewed video become Blair’s French-language message of congratulations to new French president Nicholas Sarkozy, which has been viewed over 350,000 times.

But the inauguration of the new PM has given the channel its latest fillip.

Gordon Brown’s arrival in Downing Street having been named prime minister by the Queen racked over over 95,000 views, after video of Blair leaving for the final time attracted 121,000 views.

Brown’s first cabinet meeting also proved a draw, pulling in over 20,000 views.

This week, the channel was the eighth most popular partner channel on YouTube as well as the 15th most viewed director channel and the eighth most subscribed.