BBC Gives Digital, Mobile Greater Role In Commissioning Process

BBC Vision, the unit of the broadcaster that “makes BBC content that people watch”, is restructuring its TV commissioning process to account for new digital media. Portfolio and multimedia controller Simon Nelson told in-house and independent programme-makers yesterday they must “liberate our content from the limitations of the live linear schedule” (via release). His new strategy covers the web, interactive TV and mobile.

Nelson: “It’s too easy to dismiss the multiplatform opportunity as simply getting our programmes onto new devices or creating websites alongside programmes. We can use the two-way nature of new media platforms to transform our relationship with licence fee payer … collaborat[ing] with audiences in the creation of content and participative experiences.” His strategy involves:-

— Doubling multiplatform investment, with an extra £30 million over three years. How the BBC will achieve this at the same time its forced to make cutbacks in across news and other budgets, meaning more repeats, is a good question.
— Every TV show to get a website.
— “A new suite of user tools for rating and sharing content.”
— Streamlining the commission process by ensuring programme content, even across platforms, is commissioned by a single person.
— Dedicated investment for mobile TV, mobile social media and mobile location-based services.