If They Can Hulu, We Can Kangaroo: UK Broadcasters Join For Commercial VOD Platform

If U.S. broadcasters have Hulu, U.K. broadcasters can one-up with “Kangaroo”: BBC Worldwide, ITV (LSE: ITV) and Channel 4 have confirmed they are joining forces to launch a major new online on-demand UK TV joint venture. The “entertainment site” will offer catch-up for recent shows plus archive episodes, with both free-to-view, pay-to-rent and buy-to-own models involved. It will initially be delivered over the Web but content will later be distributed via unspecified “other” platforms and can be both streamed and downloaded. Each stakeholder will own an equal share in the JV and they are encouraging other producers, too, to make their programming available via the platform (Five is notable in its absence). It’s all subject to approval by the broadcasters’ boards and, in BBC Worldwide’s case, the BBC Trust. Kangaroo will pool “over 10,000 hours of … current and archive programming”.

In an interview, a trio of consortium execs told us Kangaroo will gobble up Channel 4’s 4oD platform, will leave BBC’s iPlayer unharmed and will eventually offer transfer to portable media players.

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