Broadband Content Bits: Video Watermarking, iPlayer Stats

iPlayer: Over a million visitors downloaded over 3.5 million programmes from the BBC’s iPlayer within a fortnight of its Christmas Day marketing launch. On average, that’s 250,000 programmes a day, the corporation said. Again on average, viewing time is just under 25 minutes and, most interestingly of all, the number of people using the Flash video streams on the iPlayer website outguns those using the download app by eight to one, the press release observes. The BBC’s stats refute last week’s Hitwise research that claimed an average iPlayer visit time of just nine minutes.

Watermarking: The Red Cross and Spain’s Atlas news agency will begin electronically watermarking their videos. The pair want to learn when and where their news packages are being used and by whom. They will use Teletrax‘s web-based services to track the proliferation of their content around digital media outlets.