Ad Forecast 2019: Print Could Lose £1.61 Billion, Online Gain £7.67 Billion

Advertising over the next 11 years will be more of the same – online growth and a retreat from print – according to Advertising Association’s Long-Term Advertising Expenditure Forecast, compiled by WARC. Highlights:

— Print ads will shrink from £6.7 billion to between £5.096 billion and £6.01 billion by 2019.

— Internet advertising will grow by between 250 percent (to £6.46 billion) and 300 percent (to £7.67 billion).

— Online display advertising’s share of UK ad spend will grow from 2007’s 3.9 percent to 12 percent in 2019. “Online classifieds are also predicted to rise sharply.”

If the print prediction sounds alarmist, consider that UK regional newspapers lost around £225 million in 2006. The different sets of figures account for the chance of a recession. Overall ad spend will rise by between 16.8 percent (to £18.6 billion) and 37.9 percent (to £22 billion). “Whichever way the cookie crumbles, expenditure growth will be internet-led,” the research says. More on and Guardian).