Big International Appetite For UK’s Online News

Mail Online,, and Guardian Unlimited and Times Online (in that order) got the majority of their traffic from outside their native UK in November, comScore reports. The Mail gets 69 percent of visitors from overseas, BBC 59 percent, 57 percent, Guardian 56 percent and Times 55 percent.

There’s nothing substantially new here from the domestic/overseas splits we’ve noted from ABCe figures over the past few months. Indeed, the officially audited figures for those papers who break out their geographical traffic differ – Mail Online and Telegraph got 71.40 percent and 63.8 percent respectively in November on the ABCe metric. And the Mail’s international audience was as high as 75 percent in August.

comScore (NSDQ: SCOR), though, fills in the blanks for the others, and points a finger at those who are only finding audiences at home – less than a quarter of BSkyB (NYSE: BSY) and ITV (LSE: ITV) visitors are international. While the papers look to sell ad inventory overseas, the broadcasters are content to stay home. Sidenotes: The Guardian itself claimed 5.5 million US readers out of 16 million in September; consistently, a 2005 study showed 36 percent of traffic to UK news sites is American.