Broadband Content Bits: Future Web Video, Charlatans Free Album, France Leads IPTV

Future Publishing: The Bath-based magazine outfit is launching four new video channels for some of its web portals. It’s tapped The Web TV Enterprise to distribute shows for Games Radar, Computer & Video Games, T3 and Bike Radar, all of which will include pre-roll ads. Via Media Week.

Charlatans: Joining the growing line of free-to-download acts, Tim Burgess’ guitar band claims its latest album, You Cross My Path, has been downloaded more than 60,000 times since Xfm’s website made is available as a free and exclusive download on its website a week ago. Billboard observes that would have given it the number two slot in this week’s album chart. Manager Alan McGhee: “I feel we are totally vindicated with the philosophy that if you go free and make a great record, you can exceed your dreams. No longer does music have to work in the traditional major label dominated way.