Tesco Beefing Up Music, Movie Downloads – Every Little Helps

Tesco will next month relaunch its music download store to go MP3 and add movies, games and TV shows. The supermarket already operates TescoDownloads.com but the limited repertoire is restricted to Windows Media format. In May it will relaunch as Tesco Digital, offering 3.3 million tracks as well as other media, Telegraph.co.uk said. The MP3 repertoire will initially by 1.6 million-strong, growing to 100 percent by year’s end, all “competitively priced”.

Supermarkets have helped drive big UK music sales through stacking discounted mainstream albums in-store. Amongst Tesco’s countless other offerings – pet insurance, broadband, DVD rental and a growing reputation as food-miles bogeyman. Its online entertainment move comes with every man and his dog now opening music stores to sell the increasingly DRM-free major-label wares. But in-store album sales are impulse purchases (discs are often placed strategically near check-out) – Tesco’s big challenge will be driving customers to its new site.