Sony/BSkyB Name PSP VOD ‘Go!View’; Where’s The Wireless?

BSkyB (NYSE: BSY) and Sony (NYSE: SNE) have unveiled the name and launch date for their forthcoming PSP TV collaboration. Adding to the Go! brand that already includes the Go!Cam attachment, Go!Explore sat-nav and BT’s (NYSE: BT) Go!Messenger videocall/IM app, Go!View, due this summer, will be PSP’s first European video download service, offering both PPV and subscription programming. The drawback – downloading takes place via PC and must be transferred to the handheld console. That’s unlike the BT app, which uses WiFi. The launch has slipped from the “early 2008” touted in the July 2007 announcement, when the pair also said shows would be downloadable “wirelessly”. There’s now no mention of that in today’s news – a significant drawback for a mobile device. Sky already has its Sky Anytime on-demand operation across TV and PC, and it retains that brand for its mobile TV packages, too. Interesting that Sony’s brand wins out this time.