Creative Commons Seeks Buyer For Music Remix Community ccMixter

Creative Commons is spinning off ccMixter, the music remix project it started in 2004, and is soliciting offers through a Request For Proposals. Perhaps surprisingly for a venture formed by Lawrence Lessig’s advocacy group with copyright reform and cultural production at heart, one of the stipulations interested buyers must satisfy is: “Amount and terms of financial compensation to CC.” But that takes a back seat to requirements the bidder must fit with the Commons’ core beliefs. And don’t expect financial rewards – ccMixter is “commerce-free”, has vowed never to run ads, it doesn’t take any money from contributing artists and its award-winning software platform will remain free and open source. ccMixter hosts CC-licensed music samples which users are encouraged to use in their own mixes; big-name contributors include Beastie Boys, Linkin Park and David Byrne.