Mippin Hires Its VC As CEO, Enhances For iPhone

imageMippin, a London-based service that repackages web content for mobile handsets, has appointed Judy Gibbons, the Accel VC partner who funded the company, as its CEO.

Formed in October out of mobizines operator Refresh Mobile, which has now renamed itself as per the new product, Mippin slims down and aggregates preset web feeds from thousands of publishers (including mocoNews, FT.com and BBC News), strips out bulk for any other web page users choose and offers personalisation.

Former MSN sales VP Gibbon will stay on board with Accel. She was a non-executive chairman with Mippin alongside Refresh founders Scott Beaumont and Robin Jewsbury. Meanwhile, Mippin has also enhanced its offering for iPhone – basically just a matter of adding a new template. The service claims over 10 million monthly page views and serves over 20 million ads via AdMob and Screentonic.