Industry Moves: Joost’s Content EVP Quits For Non-Profit

imageYvette Alberdingkthijm, Joost’s NYC-based EVP of content, has quit the company to become executive director of Peter Gabriel’s Witness human rights organization. Schooled in law, Alberdingkthijm had long held posts, including business affairs EVP, at MTV Networks (NYSE: VIA) before joining Joost in 2005; her remit – to secure much-needed content for the P2P VOD TV platform. But it’s unclear how her role might have changed after Joost hired former Dailymotion execs Danny Passman and John Schultz as global head of programming strategy and director of programming strategy respectively in May. Stephanie Rockmann-Portier also had joined as Alberdingkthijm’s VP of content strategy and acquisition in October.
Among other new hires at Joost:
— Lisa Gelobter has joined the Joost management team as VP of operations. Lisa was previously VP of operations at NBC Universal.
— Daniela Barone will join Joost as director of marketing. She was previously director of marketing for MSG.

Alberdingkthijm first joined Witness’ board of directors in 2005 and worked on The Hub, an online video community about human rights issues that invites users to upload documentaries. Sixteen-year-old Witness uses video and the web to raise awareness of human rights violations. Alberdingkthijm starts on August 1; the release slipped by everyone.