Round-Up: Mygazines Legal View, Newspaper Sites, Teletext Dating

Mygazines: Little surprise here. Mygazines, a site that encourages magazine readers to scan and share pages from their favourite reads, is being dimly viewed by the Periodical Publishers Association (PPA), which says it’s “flagrantly breaching” publishers’ copyright. A PPA spokesperson told there’s a world of difference between legitimate digital-edition hosts and a site like Mygazines.

Newspaper sites: More data points on online newspapers’ overseas popularity, this time from the Newspaper Marketing Agency. Sites owned by Associated, Guardian, Independent, Mirror, News International and Telegraph got 66.1 million unique visitors in June, though only 19.6 million came from the UK. That’s an average 5.3 million per weekday (2.2 million from UK), and a predictable lunchtime peak.

Teletext: The mind boggles why Teletext called its Freeview dating and chat channel Rabbit; but anyway, it’s now going to take the brand online, too. The company launched the service, which lets users send in pictures and messages that go on the website and the Freeview channel 102, NMA says. A version will also be produced for gay chat and date. Rabbit launched in May and has got 16,000 users, Teletext says.