Broadband Content Bits: Shows, BPI vs ISPs, Video Rising, Uni Web TV ITV (LSE: ITV) already has a long tail of sorts on television – it’s called ITV3. But producers had withheld shows like Dempsey & Makepeace and On The Busses from inclusion in the catch-up facility. Now ITV has struck a deal with rightsholders to add those shows to its service. Via BroadbandTVNews.

BPI/ISPs: Despite signing a memorandum of understanding to cut piracy last week, a terse eleventh-hour BPI letter to ISPs that threatened legal action drew a dressing-down from business minister Baroness Vadera. She was “disappointed at the timing and tone” of the letter, which was sent hours before the memorandum was released. Via Guardian.

Video consumption: European web video use has grown 50 percent in the last year, JupiterResearch says. Its latest research found viewers prefer short-form clips like those on YouTube, but analyst Nick Thomas said demand for long-form will grow if TV broadcasters get their offerings right. Via Computing.

University: Another university, this time Bucks New University, has launched its own independent web TV operation. Though designed in-house, broadcast group Twofour Digital helped build Bucks TV, which includes news, music, film, animation and webcam amongst 12 channels. The idea is, it’s a showcase for the creative talents of imminent graduates. Via Guardian.