UK Round-Up: Cuts, Video Measurement cuts: Does it say anything about the state of the advertising market that is shedding ad sales staff? MediaWeek says’s new online sales head Jeff Turner is cutting three sales manager jobs – two from the website, one from fledgling Telegraph TV – and won’t be replacing them. The Telegraph TV video strand, which soft-launched in September, is being “streamlined”, with sales duties left to a sole remaining sales manager, the report says… Telegraph’s explanation: it’s been so successful, it now needs less management.

Video measuring: We thought Broadband Measurement Working Group – the body comprising BARB, the IPA and ABCe – was the agency seeking consensus on how to audit web-TV views. But a parallel body, the Joint Industry Committee for Internet Measurement Systems (JICIMS), is also seeking a research firm to do such work, says MW. Comprising the IAB, IPA and the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers, JICIMS appointed Mark Cranmer chairman.