Broadband Content Bits:, Yorkshire Ghosts, iTunes Cartoons LiveJournal owner Sup is launching a sports TV portal,, alongside its existing sports portal of the same name. Sup expects 500,000 monthly uniques by year’s end. It’s all of the back of recent Russian footballing success, with Zenit St Petersburg winning the Uefa Cup, Russia did well in Euro 2008 and the Champion’s League final was hosted in the country. Via Quintura.

Yorkshire Evening Post: The line between TV and newspapers is blurring. The Leeds newspaper is to make a web TV series investigating six haunted buildings in the city, says. In fact, the series appears on a completely separate website, Haunted Leeds. Digital editor Geoff Fox admitted the outfit has a “relatively modest understanding of video”.

iTunes: More much needed content for iTunes Store’s TV store in the UK – but not, of course, more UK content. Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is adding programmes from Jetiz and Looney Tunes. That means cartoons like Sonic X, the Incredible Hulk and Bugs Bunny. Via Broadband TV News.