iPod Graphic Novel Jonas Moore Optioned For TV By MGM

Congratulations to Howard Webster‘s Factory Publishing – MGM has optioned its innovative iPod/PC graphic novel The Many Worlds Of Jonas Moore to become a TV series. The digital-only independent cyberpunk trilogy launched last year and garnered a hardcore of fans for its unique approach to the medium, essentially reinventing the comic book for online video by melding still photographs of real actors, 3D animation, newsreel archive and an original music score – all designed for distribution to iPod and computer and backed by a brand sponsor, Triumph Motorcycles.

For Webster, a photographer by trade, it looks like justification of his theory, put forward at Moore‘s inception, that “the business models that drove the revenue big media agencies and global advertising agencies are collapsing“. Moore even called on fans to contribute to the show, UGC-style. The story, which visually resembles Sin City but which casts a video game player in a world still dominated by the British Empire and in which the US is merely one part of cyberspace, is now likely to become a US cable TV series, with UK terrestrial distribution possible, Variety says.