Broadband Content Bits: Flypaper-Ovo, Perform Soccer Ads, BBC Radio Pop

Ovo/Flypaper: Documentary maker Ovo has become the second big client announcement after MySpace for, an IPTV strategy consultancy started by former Ministry Of Sound TV head Assia Grazioli-Venier. will direct strategy for the programme maker; the pair are talking with MySpace and others about distribution.

Perform ads: Sports video distributor Perform will sell ads on soccer sites including the official sites of Leeds United and Sunderland. Its sales unit is also adding, and to its ad network. Perform, which just teamed with Virgin to deliver soccer highlights to news publishers in a widget, already had Newcastle, Fulham, Middlesbrough and West Ham sites in the network.

BBC Radio Pop: BBC’s Radio Labs team has tentatively launched Radio Pop, an R&D site that will collect data charting the listening habits of those who listen to the various BBC Radio stations. Listeners can add each other as friends and browse each other’s last-listened programmes. It’s like a for BBC Radio, but less useful.