Latest To Sell Ads To Foreign Eyeballs is joining the throng of UK news sites selling to overseas readers. Independent News & Media is enlisting AdGent 007 to place ads on its sites that will be seen by non-UK users. Many UK newspaper sites get a majority of their readers from outside the UK; over the last year, they have realised those eyeballs may actually be worth something…

Guardian News & Media is using Reuters to sell ads on its site in the US and Ad2One to sell in to Singapore, Australia and Ireland.
Times Online is using staff at its new News Corp (NYSE: NWS) stablemate to sell its American inventory.
Mail Online, too, is now selling overseas, after earlier ruling it out then changing its mind; it’s also launching a New York print edition.
Telegraph Media Group, Johnston Press and Bauer also sell via AdGent. is only the UK’s sixth most-used newspaper site, with 6.6 million August uniques, but claims 15 million overseas page impressions, which AdGent said equals 30 million ad impressions. Release.