Shazam Launches Android App, Music Downloads Via Amazon MP3

imageMusic recognition service Shazam is amongst those bringing out an Android app, in time for the G1’s release. It was already on iPhone’s App Store, claiming 1.5 million downloads; now it’s also coming out on Google’s new platform. Shazam lets users identify unknown music by holding their handset up to whichever speaker is pumping the tune. Discovered tunes can then be bought via Amazon’s MP3 Store on the handset; there are also links to learn more about the artist at MySpace. Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) MP3 also has its own Android app, along with others on Android’s Marketplace. With Shazam opting for platform neutrality by releasing to both iPhone and Android, question is: can either side secure exclusive app releases, often used as leverage by games console makers, or will developers go for both systems?