Broadband Content Bits: Aardman/YouTube, Bebo/DanceJam, UK Music

Aardman/YouTube: The Wallace & Gromit animator is adding another YouTube channel, Aardman’s Darkside, as part of its partnership with the vid-share site. The channel will also feature clips from Rex the Runt, The Adventures of Jeffrey, A Town Called Panic and Angry Kid. Via

Bebo/DanceJam: MC Hammer’s UGC video upload site DanceJam has produced its first app for Bebo, letting users of the social net view and rate peers’ submissions and upload their own.

UK Music: Feargal Sharkey’s remit just got bigger. The British Music Rights org, which the the former Undertones frontman already headed, has renamed as “UK Music”. An umbrella for a litany of acronyms – AIM, BAC&S, BPI, MCPS-PRS, MMF, MPA, MU and PPL – UK Music plans to coordinate a joint submission to the government’s consultation on illegal P2P downloads, in which ISPs agreed to monitor for and educate filesharers. Release.