Broadband Content Bits: MTV Games, Mumspower, PlusTV

MTV games: The TV network is extending its relationship with its German web games vendor to 10 more of its European websites. Hamburg-based Bigpoints offers games on and will now do so across the UK, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and the four Baltic countries. Games include multiplayer online titles like DarkOrbit, Seafight, Mafia1930 and Gladius2.

Mumspower Production company Twofour’s Digital Bridge IPTV unit has begun a web-only drama commission, Heart & Soul, and has made a rudimentary web community on which to show it. Mumspower is where the show carries sponssorships with DFS and Medsa Group but Digital Bridge says the show will also run on Bebo and YouTube.

Canal+ VOD The French broadcaster’s Spanish outpost has launched its first catch-up internet service, PlusTV, RapidTV reports. The platform offers both live and VOD programming, including Champion’s League and UEFA Cup matches.