Broadband Content Bits: Lloyd Webber On YouTube, Go!View Additions, iPlayer On Virgin

Lloyd Webber: The musical impresario’s Really Useful Group (RUG) has done a YouTube branded channel partnership, offering performances from the likes of Michael Ball. It’s another addition to YouTube’s 900+ partner channel lineup. Under former BBC Worldwide digital strategy director Douglas Glen, RUG is also retooling its website with a focus on the US.

Go!View: Sony’s PSP VOD TV offering is adding more content, including Battlestar Galactica, The A-Team, Lost, Knight Rider and Miami Vice. Sony’s release reckons users on-the-go will go ga-ga for such shows this Christmas. But, with the entertainment pack containing the long-tail classics costing £5 per month, the comedy and sport packs £8, and the whole service needing PC sync despite PSP’s wireless capabilities, we’re not so sure.

iPlayer on Virgin: BBC is bringing “series stacking” to the popular Virgin Media (NSDQ: VMED) implementation of its catch-up, making all episodes of a TV series available for until seven days after the final episode transmits. Previously, only each individual episode was available for a week. iPlayer got 11.7 views on Virgin in September. The TV iPlayer team says there will be “more good news in the new year”, leading us to wonder about iPlayer for BSkyB (NYSE: BSY) and BT (NYSE: BT) Vision.