Broadband Content Bits: Toyboize, EU Take-Up, Amazon MP3 Discounts

Toyboize: The short, cheap, internet-only comedy series Toyboize has been picked up for TV proper. UKTV’s Dave channel has bagged exclusive rights to the five-part series of five-minute episodes. Produced by TalkbackThames and Navelgazing, Toyboize is a spoof reality documentary about an 80s boy band reforming, available on YouTube. Via C21.

EU take-up: Broadband penetration across our continent rose to 110.5 million users, or 22.5 percent of Europe, in September, according to the European Competitive Telecommunications Association. It’s highest in Denmark (37.5 percent) and Holland (36.3 percent); grew fastest in Greece, Cyprus and Malta but lowest in Poland, Romania and Slovakia, at just above 10 percent. In Scandinavian countries, Holland and the UK, growth slowed as the market matured. Via TelecomPaper

Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) MP3 discounts: Amazon is discounting 10 tracks from its new UK MP3 store down to a mere £0.29. That pricepoint might have been a real test to whether cheap can beat free – but, applying to just 10 of the most popular tracks, it’s not wide enough to really test out the idea. Still, that’s cheaper than iTunes Store and, if you haven’t heard enough of Kings Of Leon, LadyGaGa, The Killers and Coldplay on your radio, and you still buy music, then now’s the time to grab a bargain!