Forecast: 3D TV Sales Could Hit 2.8 Billion In 2015

imageIt’s the stuff of science-fiction, isn’t it? But media analyst Screen Digest says 10 percent of new TVs sold could have 3D capabilities by 2011, and 16 percent (2.8 billion) by 2015. That depends, however, on the industry developing a standard around the emerging technology – if not, only three percent (500 million) of new sets would pack the new tech.

BSkyB (NYSE: BSY) has been recording much of its material in 3D for an experimental service it demoed in December, and a growing number of cinemas are tooling up for 3D, too, with 17 movies due for a 3D release this year. But the early bets in the space require 3D glasses not unlike those demanded by 50s B-movies. Screen Digest: “Autostereoscopic technology will eventually become most popular as it has one major advantage: no glasses.”

Either way, the research firm says Blu-ray will be the main distributor of 3D content, as the discs pack enough capacity to carry the subtley different double images required to produce the effect. Do people really want 3D TV? We’ll believe it when we see it. Release.

(Photo: Bosque Pescador, some rights reserved)