Broadband Content Bits: New 4oD Catch-Up, KateModern In Japan, Google Suggest UK

New 4oD Catch-Up: Channel 4 has now moved its 30-day catch-up VOD shows from its 4oD Windows app to a new Flash player on its site. The broadcaster has indexed all the new “4oD Catch-Up” shows under its programmes area. In effect, C4 now has its own version of the iPlayer website, with one particular innovation: a child PIN code for parents to set; there are even some video ads. C4 CEO Andy Duncan has previously rejected the sums the BBC said it could save by sharing its iPlayer, though BBC DG Mark Thompson this month said talks on the idea are “going well“. Confusingly, the pioneering 4oD app still exists, for “classic” shows and movies.

KateModern: Lonelygirl15 maker Eqal of America has contracted with Shinto Tsushin of Japan to distribute dubbed episodes of LG15 and its British Bebo drama KateModern in the country. There will also be a Japanese local version of the original Lonelygirl15. Eqal already has a Polish version, N1ckola. Via C21.

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Suggest: Google has localised its Suggest feature, which auto-finds results as you type queries, for the UK, Ireland, India and Australia. For example, those typing “liver” in the US may be shown “liver disease” results, but those in the UK are more likely to get “Liverpool FC”. What magic they have unleashed to do this, nobody knows…