Broadband Content Bits: NBCU Greek, Geewa, Ziggo, Virgin 200Mbps

NBCU in Greece: NBC Universal (NYSE: GE) has launched its Universal Channel on Greek telco OTE’s Conn-x IPTV service. Series like Flipping Out and Flashpoint will get national premieres on the channel. Via C21.

Geewa games: The Czech Republic-based social casual games provider has partnered with the country’s big portal to launch a new premium games service. The new site is (meaning “games”). Geewa’s blog: “For some time now our users have told us that they would be happy to pay a small fee to remove the adverts before games.”

WBR/Ziggo: Dutch cable service Ziggo has added the new Warner TV subscription VOD offering, affording movie rentals on DVD-release day, plus TV shows like Friends, ER and animations. Via Variety.

Virgin 200Mbps: The telco has now moved 200Mbps broadband testing out of the lab and in to up to 100 homes in Ashford, Kent. The trial lasts to 2010, followed by tests with makers of routers, most of which can’t yet handle those kinds of speeds. Via