EMI Taps Amazon MP3 For Direct-To-Consumer Retail

We first reported the fourth-place major music label’s launch of its new EMI.com site back in December — an artist showcase, rather than a corporate showroom, offering visitors personalised playlists, widgets and eventual retail options.

Now it has emailed users to say it has made some changes to the pseudo-social network, chief amongst them, a retail affiliate partnership with Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) MP3 on digital and physical music purchases

Tracks and albums shown on EMI.com artist pages (like the excellent Bat For Lashes) can be added to an EMI.com basket and checked out at Amazon.co.uk. Other deals include 7Digital for in-widget audio streaming and Perform for video streams.

It’s unlikely EMI can turn EMI.com into a full-fledged music discovery and destination tool (there are plenty of those already, and they’re never organised on label lines) even if it wanted to. It seems more about grabbing some incremental revenue from the people who do visit EMI, the brand. It comes after EMI replaced its top two digital strategy-dedicated execs with a team of digital marketers.