SeeSaw Shows Its Logo, Now All It Needs Is Some Content

Finally, two years after it was first proposed, we have a logo for SeeSaw. The webite is live at, with the branding, a Twitter link and a teaser to an upcoming beta.

The logo is also in the designer’s live portfolio and Arqiva, which bought the unused technology for the service from BBCWW, ITV (LSE: ITV) and C4 in July after it was struck off by the Competition Commission, passed its animated ident to, which notes: “The ‘fish’ ident is meant to have a ‘playful tone of voice which reflects the brand’s light-hearted personality’.”

That’s all very well, but – despite being conceived by the UK’s three main broadcasters themselves – SeeSaw doesn’t yet have any content partners for its video service. Unveiling the branding, devised by Rudd Studio, could be a step taken to convince broadcasters that this thing is real, though it would have had to show its spots sooner or later, of course.

SeeSaw also has also hired two big advertising agencies – Vizeum will handle its £5 million planning and media buying activities, Fallon will do a multiplatform awareness ad campaign.

Arqiva, a radiotransmitter mast company, has fantastic links with UK broadcasters, but no track record in online services or aggregating content. We would have expected Arqiva to land content agreements at Mipcom last month, but none were announced.

Arqiva VOD platform controller John Keeling tried to answer expectant, suspicious delegates at a Screen Digest seminar last month: