Digital Economy Bill: A Lyrical Smackdown To Mandelson

No, I hadn’t heard of him either, but “UK musician” Dan Bull earned himself an international audience of geeks when he rhymed a letter to Lily Allen, opposing graduated-response. Now Brit-hopster Bull has penned a follow-up.

The digital liberties lobby’s opposition to the bill is gathering. Canadian writer Cory Doctorow takes a place at to slate the proposal: “The idea that, at some time in the future, the volume of unauthorised copying will somehow drop off at all (let alone by an astounding 70 percent), is, frankly, barking. For that to happen, Britain’s general capacity for copying would have to decline faster than the increase in the British desire to make unauthorised copies.”

Such critics weren’t able to stop graduated-response from appearing in Lord Carter’s Digital Britain white paper, nor Lord Mandelson from augmenting the paper with stricter measures. Lobbyists’ attentions will now turn to MPs, who will debate the bill in the next few months.