Broadband Content Bits: Free Films Direct,, BBC MMS, 7digital

Free Films Direct: A new movie service for Sweden, the land of Spotify and Pirate Bay. Free Films Direct comes from Sweden’s Brixgate Communications and has Paramount Digital Entertainment repertoire, offering paid downloads and streaming plus ad-supported free films. Via Hollywood Reporter and release. The Irish music video site has got a deal to power TV, a section of the music venue’s website showing music videos from upcoming performers. Videos and playlists can be shared off-site to friends. More in blog announcement.

BBC MMS: A rather odd campaign from the Mobile Data Association (MDA) – it wants to drive up MMS use with a new website, For the campaign, carriers have dropped charges on MMS sent to BBC Radio 1’s website via its 81199 shortcode.

7digital: The digi music vendor is opening its own-brand web shops in Finland and Norway. But the move also means users of services like Spotify,, Songbird and Winamp in those countries can purchase music through the services, which have download partnerships with 7digital. 7digital is now up to 14 countries.