PA, Vizimo Offering VOD TV Listings, Recommendations

The Press Association has long offered newspaper a TV listings feed for their printed pages. Now it’s taking on Vizimo‘s online listings service, in a bid to inject more video and discoverability in to the publishers” websites.

PA says it’s partnering with the firm “to create a new range of video on demand discovery services for digital platforms”; the services will pipe PA’s TV listings through Vizimo’s technology and link to corresponding catch-up pages on broadcasters’ sites.

The announcement says it’s also about providing recommendations to similar shows. But, later, the service will show those catch-up shows via integration, the pair say. We don’t know where Vizimo was getting its listings before PA.

As VOD popularity grows, you can imagine some non-video publishers coming to consider video content an additional traffic generator. Vizimo acquired startup social TV community Tioti (TapeItOffTheInternet) 12 months ago, though it’s not clear how far it’s integrated the social features with its own core recommendations functions…

Northumberland-based Vizimo, which has $1.3 million in seed funds, has an API which lets anyone generate recommendations for similar programmes, offer user profiles with personalised suggestions and deliver VOD that’s contextual to the video device being used.