Just Three Weeks Old, SeeSaw Picks Its Payment Platform

We knew SeeSaw would soon charge for, as well as give away, streaming shows when it launched last month. Now a couple more details…

It’s picked online payment facilitator Neovia to manage the process via the Netbanx merchant gateway.

Says Neovia: “Payment options will include credit and debit cards and the Neteller e-wallet. The phased implementation will include rolled-up payments, subscription billing, Direct Debit and streaming micropayments via the Neteller e-wallet.”

So, no PayPal, no Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Checkout. Yesterday, we heard the Financial Times will try PayPal for its upcoming day and week passes. It’s a logical idea since many people already have a PayPal account – and perhaps even more logical for SeeSaw, whose demographic fits PayPal perhaps more than does FT’s.

SeeSaw told us last month it plans to add