’s Paying Readers Can Set Sky TV Recordings

The Times’ forthcoming new pay-for websites may not be bundling the charges with Sky TV bills, as some had speculated – but they are integrating with Sky in other ways.

The latest mailout to readers interested in the forthcoming June relaunch adds detail on two new features the forthcoming £1-a-day and will have – one a cross-over with its News Corp (NYSE: NWS) stablemate.

Culture Planner tool: A “week-in-view events calendar” on; “watch sneak-preview video, book tickets and remotely record the best of the week’s TV“.

Live debates: Daily engagement with Times writers and others on, including “OpEd Live”.

Remote Record is a pioneering feature of Sky’s Sky+ PVR, letting satellite TV subscribers schedule recordings from a TV guide on Sky’s website, smartphone app or by SMS.

News International confirmed the Sky link-up. Linked from the Culture Planner, it means readers can set Sky TV recordings from News International owner News Corp also owns 39 percent of BSkyB.

In one way, this isn’t a significant draw to the new paid news site – Sky’s website already offers the feature for free. But tying it more closely with themed programming (culture) is likely to mean a bit more TV engagement from existing Sky subscribers.

Culture Planner will also let users book tickets, presumably via an affiliate partnership.