Ahead Of The Shake-Out, Sony Says IPTV Sales Going Well

In the growing IPTV swell, Sony (NYSE: SNE) is “exceeding expectations” on customer numbers buying its connected TVs and services, says one of its execs.

“The real work will come in the second generation, when people are replacing their TVs,” Sony Pictures Television International’s digital SVP Damian Newton told the Digital Content Monetisation Europe conference in London on Tuesday.

For all we know, the targets Sony set were very low. SPTI isn’t even the TV manufacturing arm of the Japanese giant. “One of the obejctives for us is getting consumers to buy more Sony devices,” Newton said.

From the panels…

— Fearghal Kelly, media VP at online video platform builder Ioko: “Over-the-top delivery of video is pretty mature. This year could be the tipping point, where it begins to match broadcast TV in terms of hours viewed.”

— YouTube’s EMEA partnerships director Patrick Walker: “A lot of those services are going to struggle, a lot are going to proliferate.”

— Brightcove marketing SVP Jeff Whatcott: “They’re proliferating – there are too many in the marketplace – there will be a shake-out and then, in five years we’ll know what will be on that (remote control) button.”