Video: Anthony Rose On Google TV’s Failure And His Next Big Project

As BBC future media controller, Anthony Rose took an unwieldy iPlayer by the horns and turned it in to the UK’s VOD powerhouse. He recently left as CTO of the UK’s YouView connected-TV consortium.

Speaking about the connected TV opportunity at an Association of Online Publishers event last week, Rose said he regrets not having developed a personalised TV news service at the BBC: “I’m now working on a next-gen proposition, it’s too early to say what it is but you’ll be hearing about it in due course.”

Here’s what he said about Google (NSDQ: GOOG) TV…

“I liken it to taking a live grenade, tossing it in the room, see where the bodies fall and then picking up the pieces – it’s just a disruptive play.

“I think it’s a big failure for a number of reasons. First, the user proposition is just wrong – search for video is like going to the DVD store and they’ve hidden all the DVDs.”