‘Radio Times’ Becomes EPG In 3.8 Million Freeview Homes

BBC Worldwide’s Radio Times magazine is taking over the branding of Teletext Extra, a TV interface that’s used on Freeview sets in 3.8 million UK homes.

Teletext had licensed the name on the technology, which is made by InView. But now it will be named “Radio Times Extra“.

It contains standard Freeview programme information, editorialised “picks of the day”.

Whilst this is an interesting extension of the magazine brand right in to the TV space, it’s the banner ad slots, which broadcasters can buy inside the branded EPG, which may prove just as lucrative…

InView says these slots serve as “information, not advertising” – signposting particular TV shows and pay-TV services. InView says these ads get 26 million impressions every day.

The EPG is on 37 different Freeview STBs, made by 21 different manfuacturers.