STV Ups 2012 Digital Target After Audience Growth

Scottish Channel 3 license holder STV is upgrading its 2012 digital sales targets after finding growing audiences for its new VOD and hyperlocal services.

Although 2010 digital revenue grew 50 percent to £4.2 million, it missed its target of £5.2 million. But audience metrics have grown off the back of the new launches, so, following a £7.3 million 2011 target, STV is upping its 2012 digital forecast from £9.1 million to £10.5 million.

The TV network now calls itself “Scotland’s digital media company” and credits digital activities at the top of its Thursday-morning earnings announcement. Its main strategy is twofold:

STV Anywhere: A typical, any-device TV catch-up service in the iPlayer mould.
STV Local: An ambitious network of local websites that is actually hiring dozens of new journalists.