A Magazine About Death Comes Back From The Dead On The Web

As an emblem for the state of publishing, Eulogy, a new magazine about death and bereavement, could scarcely have been more apt. And then, when some of its founding partners left at the end of last year, Eulogy itself died a death, after just a few issues in print.

But now the magazine is undergoing a web-centric resurrection in time for Easter. “Eulogymagazine.co.uk will be a forum for charities, support networks, and organisations that do the valuable work of helping people cope with bereavement and those facing death through terminal illness,” says InPublishing (via Private Fraser)

Editor Alfred Tong says of the two founders who left: “Their departures have enabled the new Eulogy team to work with clarity and purpose.” Tong’s eulogy to Eulogy is an entertaining read.

“Everything changes, but the magazine’s chances stay the same,” remarks a doom-mongering Private Fraser.